Self-Service Kiosk Management System

Industry's leading solution for Android kiosk deployment.

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Vision touch kiosk

Vision Touch kiosk solution for easy-to-use Self-service checkouts

Operate your kiosk devices as self service ordering terminals, product advisors, digital displays.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

- Retain customers with interactive sales and consulting experiences at the point of sale (POS)
- Overcome buying barriers and simplify the process with intuitive information offerings
- Offer choices by digitally expanding the menu range
- Greet, inform and guide guest and customers at the entrance area
- Attract attention in the public spaces with digital signage
- Reduce queues with self-service offerings and increase customer satisfaction

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Superior Quality, Protected Android Kiosks

- Holisticly predominate extensible testing procedures for reliable supply chains.
- Android kiosks are protected from tampering and misuse - Powerful and scalable solution to create kiosk experiences that map to your customer or employee use case and security requirements

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Creating custom Android Kiosk experiences with Vision Touch

Locking down apps, settings, and user behavior starts with Creating a provisioning template in Vision Touch. In a matter of minutes you can define a secure state for the device, OS, settings, apps, and user permissions from our cloud console.

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